Affiliates is one of the best file hosting providers out there and they are offering affiliate programs that users can be part of. For starters, with Uploadgig you’ll be able to easily backup your files and enjoy seamless file sharing access and collaboration features anywhere and whenever you need it.

As an affiliate, you’ll be able to enjoy generous commission rates with the highest performing ads and landing pages they have. Best of all, the subscription plans are highly competitive.

What They Offer

Here’s everything you need to know about Uploadgig. We’ll try to explain it the simplest way possible.

Uploadgig use innovative and intelligent software solutions that allow professionals to easily protect, compare, and share important documents on any device, right when it’s needed.

Uploadgig has also become very popular for legal professionals and those who have to keep important documents, and be able to access them right when it’s needed. This hosting provider is very much known for providing the fastest and most accurate solution you can expect in a hosting provider.

Security Guaranteed

Security is very important, and as much as possible, it’s highly advised to look for a program that offers state-of-the-art data protection and privacy. Uploadgig has a removal feature that you can get once you have uploaded your file, and in case that you weren’t able to save the deletion link, rest assured that your file would be deleted from their system after a couple of days.

For professionals, they could securely share and organize their documents, which can also be accessed on-the-go. Best of all, it’s compatible with almost any device. All that’s necessary is an Internet connection.

How to Get Started with the Affiliate Program

Just like with any affiliate programs, you first have to sign up for it. Once you get the approval as a new affiliate, then all you have to do is register the provided URL which you should use to direct visitors. Once the affiliate URL has been registered and approved, then you could select the text links or banners that you will use for your website.

This URL link can be used on all account referrals and you’ll earn through it. With Uploadgig, all that’s necessary is to have your users click on the link, make a purchase, and you’ll be getting a commission.

Final Words

Overall, Uploadgig is a great way to make extra money, while using the services they offer. The best part? You could easily get approved, and you don’t even have to undergo the time-consuming review process. Instead, you’ll have the opportunity and privilege to promote Uploadgig and earn from it. You could use various promotional tools, such as email, banners, and referral links. The more premium users you refer, the bigger the commission you are going to get. So, being an affiliate is probably the best thing you’ll ever do.

Payment Info

The affiliates could get their their commission right away– they do offer various channels on how you can receive your payment. That’s how flexible they are. Lastly, if you’re looking for a passive source of income, then this one is for you.

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